To Hire or Not to Hire a NYC Web Designer? That is the Question.

by Sep 13, 2021NYC Web Design

Creating a website can be exciting, scary, easy, and incredibly difficult all at once. Whether you’re looking to build a web presence for a business or as a hobby, doing it right is hard. There is a seemingly endless supply of website builders and programs you can use to build your site or a slew of web design experts ready to help make it happen for a price.

So, how do you know what route to choose? Ask yourself a few simple questions before you begin:

Knowing when to Hire a NYC Web Designer shouldn't be difficult. You likely need to.

Hire a NYC Web Designer

  • Do you plan on spending the time and effort to learn web design or do you plan to leave it to a professional?
  • Is there a time-sensitive component or project deadline to consider?
  • Is it an ecommerce business selling products or a more general information website?
  • Do you need a shopping cart and product management software?
  • How many pages is the website going to be?
  • Do you need a blog set up that you can post on?
  • What if you need to change something or add content down the road, can you do it on your own?
  • Do you know how to integrate email capture software?
  • Do you know how to make a website safe and secure?
  • What about Local NYC SEO?

These are some very basic questions to consider before starting.

A Hobby Blog or Website

If you’re looking to build a website as a hobby where you can blog and use it as an online journal, you’ll likely want to use a free website builder. Places like WordPress or Wix allow you to build a free website using their online website building software. Choose from basic themes, add photos, write the content for your pages, add basic plugins, and that is pretty much it. Free website builders are great for small websites of a few pages or less that don’t have products to manage or a shopping cart to integrate. Also, if you’re not building a website as a business you’ll likely prefer to spend as little as possible on building it.

A Business or Professional Website

If you’re looking to get your website online as a business then you’ll want to go about things rather differently. If you don’t know how to use WordPress, Dreamweaver, CSS, HTML, or any of the other important pieces to building a website, you’ll likely want to hire a web designer in NYC for this sort of thing. Learning how to integrate WooCommerce shopping cart with 50 products isn’t something you can just pick up overnight.

If you expect customers to come to your website and buy your products or services, you want to be sure everything is secure and in working order. Vulnerabilities in your SSL security certificate (or lack thereof), or broken code in your pages or shopping cart, can make it rather difficult to convert a customer Think about it this way:

Tom is looking to buy an art supply kit. He finds a website that has broken links, images that don’t load, and a shopping cart that seems confusing. He also finds a website that looks good and makes adding to the cart and checking out easy. Where is Tom going to buy the art supply kit? From the broken page website or from the website that looks good and is secure?

Web Design is NOT Static

What is working right now for web design and website marketing will undoubtedly change. The Google algorithm is constantly evolving and looking for ways to improve the user experience. After all, Google’s main focus is its users. If you think you can build your website and leave it as is for years to come, you are seriously mistaken. Site maintenance, updates, new content, and optimization is an ongoing process that never stops. This is another reason hiring a web designer is so important for the vast majority of businesses.

Web Designer in NYC

If your business is run out of New York City, then the design of your website is even more important. To stand out amongst hundreds or thousands of competing websites requires more than good products or services. Web design plays an important role in the speed of your website and user experience. If Google determines your site has breaks in the code or aspects that make it difficult for users to navigate, you’re not going to get much online visibility.

SEO and marketing your business will be all the more difficult with a poorly built and dysfunctional website. You should be looking to maximize every visitor to your business and making sure your web design is refined is important.

NYC Web Design is Competitive and Difficult

Don’t leave your online presence to chance. Trying to learn the intricacies of HTML, WordPress, WooCommerce, merchant account integration, email lead capture, page forwarding, SEO, site interlinking, usability, tagging, image optimization, and more takes years. You should Hire a NYC Web Designer team who took years to learn and perfect their craft.

Make your website stand out from the competition. With nearly 20 years of web expertise right here at Eternal NYC.



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