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Today, nearly 60% of web traffic comes from organic searches. Not having a proper SEO strategy in place could potentially exclude a majority of your potential customers.

Our team of SEO experts work to stay ahead of Google’s constantly changing search algorithm changes, adapting and evolving so you don’t get left behind.

How we can help

Our SEO strategies use information from our analysis of your website to create an actionable roadmap to complete the foundation strategy for site optimization.


Our SEO site audit focuses on the marketing, navigational, organizational and contextual state of the web design and makes clear and prioritized recommendations and tasks to improve the site’s content, keyword focus, usability and clarity.


Keyword Research identifies and organizes the most critical keywords for your business and your site in a logical organized pattern. We identify the high value/high competition keywords, the mid level keywords and the highly specific long tail keywords in a cohesive and organized strategy to maximize traffic, relevance and conversions.


The Content Analysis takes a look at existing content on your site, measures it for keyword density, keyword relevancy, location of the content in the source code and the internal links and layout of the content. Then, I create a strategy to maximize the existing content on the site to ensure optimal density and placement.


Using the content analysis as a guide for creating new content, we can create custom, unique content for your onsite optimization efforts, complete with the appropriate high value and long tail keywords that reflect the right position, right formatting and right density. Our goal is to make the content compelling and conversion focused while maintaining the right keyword balance.


The search engines use technology to mimic the user experience and take that information to determine content and page relevancy. Our team analyzes your site’s usability, layout and design to recommend ways to increase the site’s core metrics, from clickthrough to conversion. The overall SEO benefits will be represented in a clearer layout, more intuitive user experience and better, more focused keyword page relevancy.

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