Make or Break Your NYC Business this Summer

by Jun 16, 2021NYC Web Design

2020 was a year for the record books (and not the kind we look back on fondly). Countless businesses of all shapes and sizes closed their doors here in New York City, many of them permanently. As summer is now on our doorstep in 2021, the city is coming back to life. People are taking to the city in a way that we haven’t seen in years. The mass exodus to the suburbs and tax-deferred states seems to have stopped and that is good news for those of us dedicated to the Big Apple and our community neighborhoods.

Your Business Survived the Pandemic But is it Thriving?

best NYC Webdesign Company

best NYC Webdesign Company

Local NYC businesses are used to expensive leases and incredibly high levels of competition (no matter the business). Surviving during the pandemic was a true test of the focus and determination of business owners, their employees, and even their customers. Those who were able to pivot and create or expand their online presence not only survived the pandemic but many have thrived. Some have even permanently changed their business model. But utilizing the reach of the web requires some clear planning and solid execution in any market, especially NYC.

Digitally Transform Your Business

You likely have a website for your business, if you don’t, this is a major problem. Or, have a bad website that is outdated and dysfunctional? These are serious problems when trying to compete and succeed in a competitive marketplace. Let’s take a look at a compelling example of digital transformation as a savior and growth mechanism during the pandemic. 

Example: The Studio BKLN

*The Studio BKLN is a hypothetical yoga studio for this example.*

The Studio BKLN is a successful yoga studio in the heart of Brooklyn run by Sara. It has daily classes which are always full, a dedicated member base, and is growing in popularity throughout the neighborhood. The business is doing well and the Sara is pleased with progress and profit margins. Then covid-19 arrived and The Studio BKLN had to close its doors due to indoor business restrictions. Being deemed “unessential” wasn’t something that Sara and her employees agreed with, but their doors were shut anyways.

Her business is growing faster than ever and she now gives classes in-person (as we open up), while streaming them to paid members online, offering private lessons virtually, and a multitude of useful Yoga related health and beauty products for sale on her website. She has created a global brand through her local NYC business that does greater revenue than her pre-pandemic business did.

What did Sara do? Close her doors and sit at home hoping the pandemic would be overblown and things would get back to normal quickly? No, she pivoted and digitally transformed her business to meet head-on the challenges that Covid-19 created. She had a great-looking website developed and improved her social media presence dramatically. Then she started giving live classes to her members and set up an e-commerce portal to sell all varieties of Yoga products (mats, lotions, books, and more). She finally began marketing her Studio BKLN Online classes on Google, Facebook, and through NYC local SEO to quickly add hundreds of monthly paid membership clients. 

Summer of 2021 is Make or Break Time

If your business managed to survive Covid-19 then this is a crucial summer season to get back on track. Many shop owners know that if they don’t have a good summer they will inevitably have to close their doors, but that doesn’t have to be you. Getting out in front of this with a strong search engine presence that harnesses local NYC SEO, dynamic web design, user engagement, and client retention is a must.

Your business is your livelihood and cutting corners isn’t an option ever, let alone following a pandemic. Those who strive for more will do better and can thrive in a post-pandemic New York City. Will your business be one of them? Contact us today and let’s discuss your short and long-term goals. We are a dedicated team, not an anonymous agency, and are proud to know our clients on a personal and professional level.

For the best NYC Webdesign Company look no further than right here at Eternal.NYC, we live where we work, we are your neighbors, and understand what it takes to make it in the most competitive marketplace on earth. 


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