Web Design & SEO Search Results Client Case Study: Biglasers.com

by Nov 8, 2021Search Engine Optimization, Web Design

If you run a business with a website, be it a physical store or an online enterprise, your web design and search results will directly impact the success of your business. After all, if you’re not getting any Google search results or clicks to your website, you can’t reach any potential new customers. If you do get visits but your website is insecure, ugly, or dysfunctional; you won’t be able to turn many of those visits into paying customers if any.

Let’s take a look at one company we’ve provided web design and marketing services for and see how it has impacted their business.

Web Design Client Case Study: Biglasers.com

BigLasers.com is a leading provider of laser pointers, flashlights, and laboratory laser equipment. When they came to us their site had last been built in 2011 and was hard-coded HTML pages. That meant every individual page was essentially on its own with actual HTML code. If you wanted to change something on the menu bar you had to change the coding manually for over 100 individual pages. That was no easy task and made updates or changes to the website all but impossible.

Webdesign case study for client BigLasers.com

Web Design Case Study: BigLasers.com

BigLasers.com came to us for a solution and redesign. We implemented a modern-looking functional eCommerce website through WordPress and using WooCommerce for their shopping cart. Then we updated the CMS (Content Management System), PHP version, and finally allowed them to install and use plugins. Security was enhanced, site anti-virus and SSL were installed, then Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Sitemaps were all linked up properly. (Here is a look at one of the product pages):

These backend changes lead to an immediate increase in traffic based on the site security and allowed products and pages to be easily added and managed. Something which previously took hours to do now took minutes at most.

SEO Organic Search Results Case Study: BigLasers.com

After our complete re-design of their website, we got started on search engine optimization and proper web-indexing of all pages. This is where a good-looking website becomes a real business, by getting high-quality traffic of potential customers to the website. “Laser Pointers” is a highly competitive market with manufacturers and sellers around the world competing for the same customer base.

But luckily for BigLasers.com, we specialize in driving Organic Search results through Google and other search engines even in highly competitive markets like lasers. We’re proud to show that they are getting 85%+ of their clicks and search traffic through free organic SEO. This is massive for their business model. It means they are getting the highest quality traffic of actual people looking for what they are selling, all without paying per click.

This saves hundreds if not thousands of dollars in ad spend a month that they don’t have to pay. While their competitors are paying upwards of $3 – $10 for a single click, Big Lasers gets those same clicks for free in a more trusted manner. After all, how many of us scroll past the advertisements when using Google? A huge number of us and that means organic results are the most valuable and long-lasting.

Our Other Clients have Similar Experiences

This is just a showcase of a single client we’ve been working with for the past several years. Their business has increased exponentially and they’ve had calendar years the past several years. When you’re not paying for 85% of your traffic, and that traffic is the most qualified leads, it’s not hard to see why profit margins have steadily increased for this business.

Give us a call or shoot us an email today, whether you need a website redesign, SEO, or both; we can guarantee an increase in your traffic and businesses success. We just need the chance. For the best in NYC SEO and Webdesign, look no further than right here at Eternal.NYC.



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